April Prayer Requests


Join us in prayer for strength and wisdom for ABTS leaders. May we be aligned with what God is doing in the region, and may we be sensitive to His voice and Spirit through this crisis.


Please pray for our teachers who are conducting online classes under challenging circumstances, and learning everyday as they go. Please continue to pray for perseverance, health and creativity as they nurture their students daily. Pray for students to settle in to a new routine of learning from home and managing their anxieties of the unknown. Pray for parents who are undergoing severe financial struggles. Finally, pray for the administration of the school as they lead in times of economic and health crises.


Pray for our current outreach projects so that they reach children and youth and touch as many lives as possible.


Please pray for wisdom and insight so we take the right decisions in the Covid-19 time, and that God will use every book we have published to encourage and strengthen everyone in these difficult times and that people will come to know Him, value their spiritual life and grow in Him.


Please keep us, our local partners, and the families they serve, in your prayers. Like Talia, one of our inspiring partners, we believe that “the Lord is teaching us a new way to serve. A way that breaks routine. This is a time we need to all be lifting our eyes upon the Lord and seeking His face. Prayer is what can change everything to turn out for the better.”


On the 8th National Day for Students with Learning Differences on April 22nd, SKILD in collaboration with the British Council, and under the patronage of the Minister of Education and Higher Education, will hold the first virtual conference on Inclusion in the Time of Distancing with 22 speakers sharing their experiences on distance learning for children and youth with special educational needs. Special educators and therapists continue to support children we serve at the center and schools through online worksheets, schedules, and videos. Please pray for renewed strength, wisdom, and creativity for the team as we find new ways to support children at home and raise awareness to the Lebanese and regional community.

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