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Building Unity in the Beqaa

In this spirit of unity, 20 different churches and ministry institutions from the Beqaa Valley gathered in July to learn, exchange, and evaluate best practices for sustainable development.

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The Lord’s Fingerprints

Six months following the Beirut Explosion, ABTS has helped a number of families to get back onto their feet. Despite the hardships, the Lord is still working through this calamity.

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Let the Children Come

or Jesus so loved the world that he came to fulfill our need for salvation. Every Christmas season, we commemorate this message by spreading the good news of salvation among children.

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A Long-Awaited Harvest: BCYM Summer Recap

Ministry work is often like gardening. You till the soil, plant seeds, faithfully water, but mostly you watch and hope for fruit. Then, all at once, when the weather is finally right, the garden seems to explode with new life.

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Ordinary People, Extraordinary God

Georgette Issa has been in a wheelchair since the age of one. For her, leaving the house is a tough and pricey task. Not only must she pay for rides, but she has to check if there is electricity, so she can use the elevator to move in her wheelchair.

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From Avoidance to Trust: Catholics & Evangelicals

On May 2, BCYM (Baptist Children and Youth Ministry) led a children’s event for over 170 youth! Invited by MIDADE Maghdouche and Abouna Chady, our team had the privilege to spend the day singing hymns, sharing Bible stories, crafting, and enjoying lunch with the community.

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A Time to Reap

Because the war in Syria deprived so many families of their livelihoods, MERATH has been supporting sustainable agriculture projects in Syria since 2016, that have helped over 900 families of farmers to get back to their fields, cultivate their land, increase their yield, meet their own food needs and plan for the future.

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From a Spectator Church to a Priesthood of All Believers

Instead of being overcome by despair, we realized that, in the same way Christ entered the darkness of our fallen world as “the light of men”, we need to be the light within the tunnel for those around us for “the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” (John 1:5).

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Appeal: Sustaining Light on Campus

Lebanon has been living at the mercy of power cuts by the state provider and rationing of private generators due to fuel shortages. Public electricity is only available between 0 and 2 hours a day, while diesel has been in short supply and at a very high cost.

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Tensions and Hope

As conflict rages in Lebanon, we focus on Christ for peace. Learn why a church supports Syrian refugees and read on fearing the Lord in uncertain times.

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Annual Reports

Impact Report 2021-2022

We trust that God is in control, so whatever work He begins – He will finish. Nothing we do is in vain. In times like these, our communities desperately need a Church that demonstrates the unwavering and practical love of Christ.

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July 2024

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