Recognizing Excellence

This year, the Beirut Baptist School obtained 3rd prize in a regional reading competition for the number of books read between March 22nd to April 23rd. Let’s hear it for our outstanding BBS students! Bravo!

Please Pray for BBS

The Beirut Baptist School was preparing to slowly welcome its students back into the classroom, but that decision might be reversed now in light of recent developments. As of the beginning of May, Lebanon had managed to flatten out the Covid-19 curve, however, since the government began loosening restrictions, a sharp increase in cases raised an alarm. On Friday, May 8th the Minister of Education and Higher Education announced that students would be returning to school on May 28th, but the likelihood of that happening seems very low as 110 new Covid-19 cases were reported between May 9 and May 11. Moreover, it is possible that Lebanon might enter a total extended lockdown period that would last for several days.

Currently, the school year has been compromised and grade 9 official exams cancelled. BBS is looking at an extended school year and drafting plans for intensive summer programs that will help students to get caught up. Special education students will need enhanced support and are currently receiving extra resources remotely.

Please pray for our students as they are experiencing very high levels of stress and anxiety amidst this health crisis and strenuous economic burden on their families. Please pray that they can finish out their school years successfully.

We also urge you to pray for the teachers and academic leadership who are doing their best to accommodate the ever-changing landscape on a daily basis.

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