This BBS has stepped up its scholarship program to help students affected by the economic crisis Lebanon is passing through. Meet some of BBS’s students who have benefitted from BBS’s tuition assisstance made possible by donors like you!

Meet Ramy

Ramy is a first-grade boy who has been at BBS since Preschool. This year, Ramy’s family circumstances changed but the only reason he was able to stay at the school was because of the financial aid program. His parents divorced when he was a baby. Ramy’s mom surrendered all her parental rights to her former husband on the condition that Ramy remains enrolled at BBS. Ramy’s dad had been paying his tuition at BBS as agreed for the last 4 years but reached a point this year where he was no longer able to do so. Knowing this, the school stepped up to ensure funding for Rami over 2 academic years. His mom Rola shared that “I gave up all my rights so my son can grow under your BBS care because I believe that at your school, he will become a man of integrity, faith and sound morals.”

Mounir has been enrolled at BBS for 12 years. His mom and all his uncles graduated from the school and now he along with his brother and sister call it their second home. Due to severe financial hardships Mounir’s parents were about to make the difficult decision of pulling him out of the school. Thanks to the support of a partner who was able to fulfill the urgent request, Mounir will be able to graduate with his class next year. He performs at the top of his class and in a letter to the principal has expressed his gratitude and attitude to pay it forward in the future because of the inspiration and dedication of his teachers. When asked about the school, Mounir emphasized its high emphasis on students’ creativity and instilled values such as respect, responsibility, and commitment.

Meet Mounir

BBS Students Need Your Help!

A one-time gift of $350 will help a BBS family secure 17% of their child’s tuition fees for academic year 2020-2021.

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