For the first time this Easter, Baptist Children and Youth Ministry (BCYM) is holding a camp for teenagers at the Home of Hope.

Home of Hope is a home for abused, abandoned and orphaned children and teenagers in Beirut. The BCYM team visits the home regularly and has built strong relationships with the teenagers, which has now led to them having their own camp.

“We have been working with the teenagers throughout the year and have seen their eagerness to know more through the questions they ask us,” says BCYM manager Gladys Haddad Sebali. “Therefore, we decided to spend two days with them, answering all their questions and also having fun together.”

The theme of the camp is ‘Through the eyes of God’ which they will be exploring through three topics: seeing yourself through the eyes of God (looking at self-esteem), seeing your situation through the eyes of God and seeing the world through the eyes of God.

Gladys has asked us to pray for wisdom for the leaders, so they can support these teenagers who have been through some very hard experiences. “We’ve heard all kinds of heart-breaking stories from them, now that they trust us very much,” she says. Pray too for these teenagers, that they will enjoy the camp and be transformed by the messages they hear.

The camp runs from April 10 to 11, 2015. To keep up to date with BCYM news, like their  Facebook page.

Chris Hall  |  LSESD   |  April 2015 

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