Lebanon is not ready for an epidemic

Like most places in the world, Lebanon has entered a state of panic and lockdown in fears of the spreading pandemic Coronavirus. However, as Lebanon’s healthcare system is already reeling from the nationwide protests and dire economic crisis, it is severely underequipped to handle an epidemic. Hospitals have been unable to purchase much-needed medical supplies and worry that they will not be able to care for an ailing population should many fall victim to the virus.

If the Virus hits the refugee population, if could prove disastrous

The refugee population in Lebanon lives crowded together in small spaces and has very little access to basic hygiene items and healthcare. If the Coronavirus enters the camps, it could decimate a population that is already weakened by malnutrition, and myriad health problems.

Pray that the virus be stopped

Join us in prayer that the Coronavirus will be stopped in its tracks in Lebanon and in the rest of the world. Let us offer up our prayers just as Aaron offered up incense and stood in the gap for his people (Number 16: 46-48). Let us make intercession together for people around the world that God would have mercy and turn the plague aside.

Pray for the ABTS students who returned home

In light of the pandemic and the current lockdowns that have been affecting countries all over the region, ABTS made the decision to send the residential students back home before their home countries close their borders to all incoming flights. Please pray for these students that they will be able to arrive home safely and in good health. They will now be completing their courses online for the remaining duration of the semester.

Pray for the BBS students studying from home

Once again this year, BBS has had to close its doors and conduct its classes online. Please pray for the BBS students that they will be able to learn from home and for the teachers to be able to continue supporting their students at a distance.

Pray for the SKILD students and parents

As SKILD has also closed its doors due to the virus, many parents are required to care for their children with special needs on their own at home. Please pray for these parents that they will be able to continue to provide their children with the support that they need on their own and that the children would not lose their hard-earned progress while they are away from their therapy sessions.

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