As I prepared to deliver my final words to our high school graduates, who were about to spend their last evening at Beirut Baptist School (BBS) — a place many of them have called home for 15 years — I was reminded of what truly fuels a person’s life and empowers them to make a meaningful impact in the world. Solomon’s wise words in Proverbs 1:7 came to mind: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction. 

Throughout their journey at BBS, our students have learned the principles of respect, integrity, and compassion. Our commitment to providing quality education for people with special needs has shaped them into open-minded individuals. Now, they must understand that the world awaits their innovative ideas and the hope their generation holds. 

At this phase of their life, our high school graduates are ready to seize exciting opportunities. Soon, they will enter the workplace, assuming greater responsibilities as they are confronted with numerous decisions. In Lebanon, a country driven to collapse by selfish people who lack the fear of God, nurturing the minds of our students not only equips them for success but also shapes the future of our nation. It is crucial to empower them to excel not only academically and morally but also to understand the consequences of their actions. What we need most today are people who fear the Lord. Without this fear, they will have a distorted kind of wisdom, one that is self-centred. Such wisdom fuels competition for status and power struggles, which leads to the rise of injustice and inequality. 

Solomon recognized that wisdom holds greater value than wealth, fame, or power in leading a fulfilling and happy life. Although fear holds a negative connotation, the fear of the Lord is a unique kind of fear — one characterised by awe and reverence for God’s majesty and unparalleled love. Such fear is not about terror but about deep respect, compelling us to honour God in all our actions and words. 

When our lives are centred on honouring God, our perspective undergoes a profound transformation. Instead of being driven by fear of circumstances, peer pressure, or the uncertainties of the future, our decisions become grounded in a deep understanding of God’s perfect plans and His desire for our lives. We face life’s challenges with a fear of the Lord, surrendering to His perfect will. Our choices become guided by the wisdom gained through respecting His Word and our commitment to honouring Him and others. This biblical insight is crucial for our students and the younger generation, empowering them to create a better place for all. 

In my remarks at the ceremony, I encouraged our graduates to embrace challenges and face difficulties with open minds and faith based on the values they have acquired at BBS. Those who fear the Lord have no fear within them. They are capable of navigating any obstacles that come their way. 

Today, our prayer extends not only to our graduates but to graduates worldwide. May this new generation step boldly into the world, equipped with strong moral foundations and Biblical principles that inspire transformation and lead nations toward better days. 

Help BBS continue to make an impact on the lives of its students.

BBS’s vision is to see empowered learners and educators think creatively, reason critically, and proactively engage in their community guided by ethical and spiritual values.

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