By the end of September, more than 1,600 children will be enrolled in one of the nine education centers LSESD are supporting in Lebanon through our relief and development arm MERATH. An additional 370 will continue to benefit from two child friendly spaces in Syria. Before then, MERATH is organizing several trainings and workshops for our Lebanese and Syrian educators and teachers.

We believe in our partners and we want to empower them as they respond with high standards to the needs of the most vulnerable in their communities.

By the end of September, MERATH will have held many workshops and trainings in the fields of education, child protection, and psychosocial support.

More than resources and technical expertise, these are great opportunities to bring together partners that are doing similar work and provide a place for collaboration, knowledge sharing, encouragement, and networking to improve the quality of work across each sector.

This quarter, the ELN (Education Learning Network) will look at various topics relating to providing support to children, parents and one another, as well as tools and strategies for planning successful lessons. As usual there will be many opportunities to participate and share ideas, and learn from one another.

The child protection trainings will include psychosocial support based activities and roundtables about working with teenagers and parents, as well as children with special needs.


  • That this month’s workshops and trainings will strongly benefit the attending educators and teachers
  • That our partners’ strength and joy can be renewed in spite of the difficult circumstances they might be working in
  • That the new school year might be a symbol of hope for families and their children
  • That we will reach more and more children throughout the year with high quality non-formal education

This was originally published on the MERATH website.

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