Local faith communities are an integral thread in the fabric of society with unique abilities for holistic impact. As MERATH (Middle East Revive and Thrive), the relief and development arm of LSESD, we believe that it is through caring for the whole person that we best incarnate the ministry of Christ who both fed the hungry and offered His body as the bread of life; healed the sick and preached forgiveness of sins. It is in the context of relationship and community that our church partners are able to be authentic witnesses to our vulnerable neighbors, serving each according to their needs.

This winter, despite the cold and storms, we have witnessed an overwhelming outpouring of God’s love here in the Middle East. We are deeply humbled by the prayers and responses to our Christmas Appeal in support of those in need. Our local partner churches, compelled by compassion, have been able to distribute timely items to thousands of families to keep warm. Until such a time when people are able to resume their interrupted lives, I encourage you to follow-up on our news on LSESD – checking as well our MERATH website – so you can accompany us as we serve vulnerable families in our midst.

With much appreciation,


Director | Middle East Revive & Thrive

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