Are you interested in doing something that will transform lives, save thousands of dollars and be good for the environment?

You can do that and make an impact in the Middle East North Africa region for a quarter of a century by investing in a new project from LSESD.

We want to significantly reduce the electricity bill at our campus, a move that will also benefit our ministries hosted on our premises.

Electricity in Lebanon is very expensive and unreliable. Power cuts occur regularly. We have a generator for when they happen which is costly to run too.

But we have good news. We’ve found a solution to reduce our electric payments considerably, so we can put more of your donations to our work. It’s the sun.

Here in Lebanon we live in a mostly warm, sunny climate. On average we have over 2,900 hours of sunshine a year in Beirut, which is on a par with Florida and Texas in the USA.

With that amount of sunshine, we can generate a lot of power through solar energy and that is what we are planning to do. We have signed a contract to install a Photovoltaic system to produce clean electricity from solar power in addition to implementing energy conservation measures. This project, which we’ve called From Grey to Green will benefit several LSESD ministries that are hosted on our campus including the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, SKILD Center for children with learning difficulties, MERATH, and Baptist Children and Youth Ministry.

The potential impact of From Grey to Green is incredible. The expected useful life of the project is 25 years and the expected yearly energy savings are close to 45%. That’s a lot of money saved which we can then use to support people who really need it.

A 10-year Green loan from the Lebanese Central Bank is covering 77% of the total cost of the project. We just need your help to cover the outstanding 23% which is $92,000.

From Grey to Green will benefit LSESD ministries, the people we serve and the environment in which we live and work for at least the next quarter of a century. Your gift has the potential to make a massive difference. Please help make this project a reality by clicking on your country option below and selecting From Grey to Green on the donation form. Thank you.

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