Have you ever felt helpless? Have you ever been stressed, confused and trapped by your circumstances? Wanting to find a way out, but not knowing how?

And then… someone transforms things. It could be that they listen to your problems and are just there for you. It could be that they are able to give you advice and a fresh perspective that changes your outlook and encourages you to keep on, keeping on. That someone could also provide practical help that enables you and your loved ones to survive or make life a little easier and bearable at least.

Over the last year, LSESD ministries and our church partners have been that someone to thousands of people in the Middle East and North Africa.  We have empowered the Church to be strong in its faith and mission, so it can show God’s love to those around them. We have equipped faithful women and men for effective service, published challenging but also inspiriting resources that build up the Church. We have enabled the Church to be the Church in the community, responding to the needs of the vulnerable and the marginalized. We have served local communities holistically, equipping people with practical, social and spiritual support so they can have hope for the present and future. 

In the last few months in our newsletter, we have shared some of the lives we have been able to touch. People like:

Leila*, a widow who fled the Syrian war with her children to Lebanon where through MERATH’s support she learnt new skills to support her family.

Paula*, a Syrian refugee who read a book published by LSESD’s Dar Manhal Al Hayat. Today, she is an active member in her church.

Joram*, wrestling with the loss of a child to the Syrian conflict is being supported by LSESD’s relief arm, MERATH.

Salah, who has been helped by LSESD’s children’s ministry BCYM to overcome the trauma of living under the rule of ISIS.

Elvira, who has been using the knowledge and values she learned at LSESD’s Beirut Baptist School to go into a career helping others.

Bataoul*, who through the support of LSESD’s SKILD Center is now happily enjoying her childhood.

These six people are a sample out of thousands of others whom we have come alongside in their hour of need and built relationships with. 

The needs around us are still great. The Syrian conflict is not over. The pressures and uncertainty surrounding the Middle East and North Africa are substantial. But God is bringing hope and the Church is standing strong as it faithfully serves local communities through the support of LSESD.

We would love you to be involved in what we are doing – our partners around the world are dear to us and play a very important part in what we are able to achieve. Would you consider giving a monthly gift to enable us to transform more lives like Leila, Joram, Paula, Salah, Elvira and Bataol? It doesn’t have to be much, but it could make a huge difference. 

Become a Monthly Partner today. Together, we can touch more lives in the Middle East and North Africa.

*Names changed

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