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A Holistic Approach

Thimar-LSESD has a holistic approach to ministry that combines the demonstration and the proclamation of the gospel. As explained by the Micah Declaration on Integral Mission: “If we ignore the world we betray the word of God, which sends us out to serve the world. If we ignore the word of God we have nothing to bring to the world”.

Thimar-LSESD also applies an integrated approach to ministry where each one of Thimar-LSESD’s six ministries complements the other in its own field of expertise. This enables Thimar-LSESD to tackle issues and challenges from different angles rendering the suggested solutions and impact more durable and holistic.

Thimar-LSESD passionately serves the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region through its six specialized ‘branches’ or ministries. These ministries are divided into three areas of focus.

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Equipping the Church

Equipping and Edifying the Church in the Middle East and North Africa

As the Church in the Arab world continues to expand and adapt to its ever-changing surroundings, there is a strong need for well-prepared Arab Christian leaders and well-fed believers who grow in faith and understanding. For this reason, ABTS and DMAH equip such Christian leaders and believers across the MENA region to engage with others from different faith backgrounds, to serve their communities across the MENA region, to stand firm in their faith, and to spread the Word of God.

The Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) serves the Church in our region as it realizes its Biblical mission of having Christ acknowledged as Lord by offering specialized learning resources and equipping faithful men and women for effective service.

Dar Manhal Al Hayat (DMAH) publishes and distributes a wide range of Christian and educational resources in Arabic in response to the needs of both the Church and the community.

Relief and Development

Restoring Hope to the Hopeless

After ten years of unabated human displacement, rather than decreasing, the needs of those affected by the violence in neighboring countries has only increased. Through the work of MERATH and Salt & Light, Thimar-LSESD is able to respond to the ongoing refugee crisis and reach out to the most vulnerable in the community. These needs include not only material and educational needs, but also spiritual ones.

Salt & Light comes alongside church plants and clusters of churches in a holistic way to support them in their endeavour to proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel in meaningful ways. 

MERATH partners with local churches and organizations to support vulnerable families in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, with basic needs, education and child protection, livelihoods and recovery projects.

Inclusive Education

Providing Quality Education and Advocating for those with Learning Differences

Both BBS and SKILD have made it their mission to provide quality education for all types of learners. Learning style assessments and behavioral programs are at the heart of their mission to show children that they are capable of achieving great things despite their individual learning styles. By providing a learning environment that is not only accepting but also fun and incorporates faith-based values, BBS and SKILD help all children to see that they are valuable and have the right to succeed and enjoy life.


The Beirut Baptist School (BBS) is an inclusive school committed to rigorous, relevant and holistic education that cultivates and inspires diverse learners in mind, body and spirit to become responsible citizens and successful lifelong learners.

The Smart Kids With Individual Learning Differences (SKILD) Center supports children with special needs by raising awareness and providing expertise, training and resources to schools and families.

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