Earlier on this year, many of our Arab constitutents attentively followed SAT-7 Arabic and SAT-7 Plus for Dar Manhal Al Hayat’s TV Program, “Ibra fi kitab” [i.e. “Lesson in a Book” in English]. It was our very first media project as a publishing house. It was developed and designed with our Arab context in mind, and in response to a communicated need to share the Christian perspective about social, emotional, and spiritual issues that people from every walk of life wrestle with. While Christian publishing houses in the region attempt to address these issues in their publications, the reality remains that such enriching resources are not yet available nor accessible to the entire Arab World at large.

Hence, over 26 episodes, Dar Manhal Al Hayat invited speakers from Lebanon, Syria and Egypt to share each from their own area of expertise discussing themes such as pain and suffering, death, grace, role of women, marraige, the family, raising children, teenagers, management, leadership …

In each of the episodes which were re-run several times on the above mentioned SAT-7 channels between January and August 2013, the guest speakers draw the attention of the viewers on available Christian resoruces that are relevant to the discussed theme and which can be accessed through their respecitve publishing houses, either Dar Manhal Al Hayat [Lebanon], or Ophir Printers and Publishers [Jordan], or Dar El Thaqafa Bookshops [Egypt]. In the process, they were able to demonstrate to viewers the importance of Christian literature in building understanding of the Bible, understanding God’s will for their lives, receiving advice and an example of how to live, and staying informed on contemporary issues.

If you’ve missed watching “Ibra fi Kitab”, the good news today is that you can now view them on SAT7AR You-tube. Click on any of the themes listed below and a link will take directly to the respective “Ibra Fi Kitab” episode.

First published on Dar Manhal Al Hayat’s website.  Used with permission from Dar Manhal Al Hayat.

December 2013


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