Press for Progress is the theme for the 2018 International Women’s Day on 8 March. At LSESD, the progress of women is very important to us. Here’s 5 ways our ministries are supporting women to improve themselves and the lives of others:

1. We are equipping women leaders for the church. “Not only do we have women students and professors, we continuously exert every effort to recruit more of both,” says Arab Baptist Theological President President Elie Haddad

2. Our center for children with learning difficulties is 100% led by women and helps mothers (and fathers!) support their children through free consultations and parental guidance.

3. Our development and livelihoods projects enable vulnerable women to learn a new vocation and earn money to better support their families. See how Leila’s life was transformed.

4. The seniors of our school in Beirut are preparing a community service project in which they raise funds to empower housewives to turn their homecooked meals into a micro-business.

5. Arabic-speaking women are growing in their faith thanks to inspiring books produced for them by our publishing house.

This International Women’s Day, pray for more opportunities to empower women in the MENA region.

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