By Marian Choueifati

“God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns.”      – Psalm 46:5

During the month of March, DMAH dedicated its efforts to empower women and train them, producing content and organizing outreach events that cater to their spiritual, intellectual, and emotional needs. It is essential that women are provided with platforms and spaces that allow them the opportunity to refresh their minds and experience spiritual rejuvenation.

International Women’s Day

On international Women’s Day this year, the DMAH team took the trip to the Kids Alive local orphanage to celebrate, empower and equip female ministry leaders and 29 teenage girls and women-in-the-making with the necessary skills to help them fulfill their utmost potential. In a follow-up from the Joy in the Journey event that took place in December, Clinical psychologist and Christian counselor Enaam Haddad, as well as artist and Sunday school teacher Shams Saad, reunited with the young girls and followed-up on their progress. In the trauma-informed session, Enaam shared practical coping mechanisms to overcome traumatic experiences, especially those caused by wars, poverty, and abusive households. Together, the young ladies practiced breathing exercises, and a sensory breakdown exercise for panic attacks. They also learned the value of a healthy lifestyle and diet, in addition to the importance of volunteering and helping others as a means to overcome their own struggles. After that, Shams prompted the young ladies through an art therapy session that boosts their positive self-image. In contemplation of the Bible verse that says, “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made”, they each wrote it on their decorated travel-sized mirrors.

“Is there any way that I can become a psychologist?” asked a teenage girl during the trauma-informed session. Amazed by the information she’s learning and eager to help other girls overcome their traumas and stressors, this young lady started setting goals for her future. Indeed, as described by a teacher from Kids Alive, “a girl’s education changes everything. A girl’s confidence breaks the silence of fear and oppression. What a reward it is to see young girls dreaming about making their own careers and building a better future”. Spreading awareness about resilience and overcoming traumatic experiences is one way we can help young girls grow up to become strong women who recognize God’s plan for their lives, and their value in Him.

“A girl’s education changes everything. A girl’s confidence breaks the silence of fear and oppression.”

Joy in Her Journey - DMAH

Mother’s Day

As a publishing house, DMAH’s priority is to cater to all audience groups and demographics, as we believe that the word of God is His message for all mankind.

Joy in Her Journey - DMAH

On Mother’s Day, DMAH collaborated with Beirut Baptist School (BBS) to celebrate all mothers and mother figures by distributing flowers and empowering books, as a way of showing our eternal gratitude for their endless contribution and sacrifice. Mother’s Day this year coincided with a day of freefall economic collapse, in which the dollar rate changed from 129,000 LBP to 141,000 LBP and then down to 108,000 LBP over the course of a few hours. For many, celebrating Mother’s Day on the 21st of March was not a priority amidst the chaos of navigating economic instability. One BBS teacher, who is also a mother, felt under-appreciated and stressed out by the financial situation, that upon receiving a book and a flower, she said, “just now, I started feeling like a mother”.

We thank the Lord for this past month and the chance He gave us to celebrate and show our gratitude for women He has blessed us with. Amidst widespread debates about gender roles and representations, we trust that He has given women an indispensable and complementary role in family, society, church, and ministry.

Come Alongside Dar Manhal Al Hayat

DMAH organizes outreach events, targeting various segments of the community with rich and relevant Christian resources. Support DMAH’s new outreach initiatives as they demonstrate how God’s word is still necessary to the community for today and all eternity.

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