By Toni El Haddad

Chaplain & co-Principal of Administration and Operations | Beirut Baptist School (BBS)

Echoed through the ages, the first two words of the prayer Jesus taught us introduces a paradigm shift in the way humanity perceives its relationship with the divine. The basis of our relationship is not “commercial” anymore (I give therefore I receive in return) but that of a new reality: Adoption.

This ushers in a new kind of family/community, not an earthly one, rather a community that is fit for heaven. Three words can be identified that are at the core of what it is to be a Father:

1- Source: GOD is the source of all existence. This truth is a source of peace and security given that He is the One sustaining His creation.

2- Coaching through which the family grows and no member would end up lopsided out of balance. This reminds us to be meek and humble as we are shaped into effective workers of the Kingdom.

3- Love that accepts in spite of differences and forgives in spite of mistakes. This compels us to be gracious with others as He is with us.

Our hope at LSESD is to become a community that reflects the characteristics of the Father to the churches and communities we serve.

Over the next 7 months we will be journeying together by reflecting on the prayer Jesus taught his disciples – The Lord’s Prayer.

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