Daniella Daou

Daniella Daou

Partner Relations Officer

Daniella Daou joined Thimar-LSESD in June 2018 as Partner Relations Officer with a focus on SKILD’s special education track. Thimar-LSESD has been a second home since childhood as she is a Beirut Baptist School (BBS) graduate and was a devoted participant in every summer’s children’s camps. Being currently on the other end, Daniella’s motivation lies in seeing the smiles of the children we serve, the hope restored in their parents’ eyes, and the small but mighty steps towards a connected community.

Daniella holds a masters degree in Political Science – a passion that fuels her drive to reflect justice and create a positive change in the world. She enjoys reading novels, history, and political philosophy books in her quiet time.

One of her favorite quotes is by Martin Luther King Jr.: “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice”.

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