By Charles H. Jones, Partner

Darkness, deep, penetrating darkness – in the tunnel.

Thick, oppressive darkness.

Halting, paralyzing darkness.

Don’t see an end to the tunnel.

The tunnel of economic collapse and currency devaluation.

The tunnel of medical pandemic, and the Port explosion.

The tunnel of social crises – shortages and very long queues.

The tunnel of political unrest – protests and armed conflicts.

Engulfing, stifling darkness.

Darkness – in homes, schools, businesses, hospitals, in the streets.

Can’t see an end to the tunnel.

But there is light – light in the tunnel!

Followers of Jesus Christ are in the tunnel:

Keeping the Beirut Baptist School and SKILD going and growing!

Bringing medications and hot meals to the sick and shut-in;

Providing Christmas gifts to unsuspecting children;

Celebrating in worship in the “Farm Church;”

Augmenting teachers’ salaries;

Installing solar panels and systems;

They are the light, the light in the tunnel!

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