In addition to the numerous new challenges the world has been facing due to the COVID-19 crisis, we are also grieved over what is happening in the U.S. today, which has led us at LSESD to pray for our brothers and sisters in the US and reflect on our own prejudices and racial issues:

“May the Lord grant your leaders wisdom so that the U.S. remains an example of equality and freedom. I pray for His merciful hand to be upon your churches and families to help overcome the divides in your country and allow for justice, compassion, and reconciliation to prevail. Our world in its entirety is experiencing a crisis of hope that poses a unique opportunity for the body of Christ to further model the overflowing love granted to us through Jesus Christ.” (From a recent message by Nabil Costa).

We here have been challenged to have healthy conversations halfway across the world from where the movement began. There is a lot to learn since the road towards justice is a growing process with each one of us in the world is at a different point along this journey. To reach the most vulnerable, LSESD is exploring new ways it can assist those who are treated unjustly in Lebanon. Read more about a new partnership below.

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