Reading is the foundation of learning. It’s the gateway to a lifetime of knowledge and discovery, and an essential aspect to any education. That’s why BBS has a focus on reading, especially for their Kindergarten through Grade 9 students. Acquiring a firm foundation of reading is critical for setting students up for academic success.

The BBS reading program allows students to check out books from the library each week, rotating between English and Arabic books. The library also offers books in French, as Arabic, English and French are the 3 main spoken languages in Lebanon.

The goal is to encourage a lifestyle of reading in students. By starting them off early in access to books to read from home, BBS has a goal to raise the reading level of their students across elementary and secondary school.

There is only one small library room for the whole school, which is over 1,000 students in grade KG-12. They need to add more books to the library collection for this reading program to be sustainable as books for certain reading levels are very limited. If you are interested in supporting the reading program at BBS, please contact Alia.  

Rebecca Boutros | Program Officer | November 2014 

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