In this video, our partner on the ground, Joe Bridi, shares his reflections on the Lenten season with us. He asks us important questions about how we are living our lives and how we are investing in our relationships with God and others.

Joe is an elder at a local Lebanese Baptist church where he organizes the relief ministry. They are currently serving about 300 households with food boxes, hygiene kits, winter assistance, and a mask-sewing project.

In these difficult and overwhelming times, Joe asks that fellow believers pray for his church to have wisdom, grace, and compassion in their ministry. An ever increasing number of people are asking them for assistance, and they sometimes have to turn people away, which is heart-breaking for them. The work can also be physically demanding, and they are in need of God’s renewed strength for service.

Joe also asks for prayer for the spiritual and mental health of his family (wife and two boys) that they can remain rooted in God, as it has been challenging not to be able to see the congregation in person due to COVID-19.

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