By Daniella Daou

Several children were at home or on the streets with their parents when the explosion hit the neighborhoods of Beirut. Many children are experiencing distress as an after effect of the horrific scenes that they were exposed to. While some were traumatized by the sound of the explosion and the shattered glass, others are still haunted by the sight of their parents and siblings drenched in blood. Stories of trauma have driven SKILD to mobilize its efforts and resources to help these struggling children. 

In response, SKILD will be setting up the LSESD playground with shades and 17 booths containing different activities and games. By using games, SKILD’s therapists hope to engage with the children and allow them to share their emotions and communicate their anger and fear. Along with catering to their emotional wellbeing, the games will also serve to enhance the children’s motor, cognitive, and interactional skills. The booths will be run by youth volunteers, with specialist oversight, who wish to put their energy into helping children and families.

The activities at each booth will serve to enhance the child’s cognitive and motor abilities. In addition, sensory play and educational activities will be a big part of the activity day.

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