Parents, especially parents of children with special needs, are always actively searching for an invigorating support group to help them deal with their challenges and answer their questions. We are blessed at SKILD to have provided parents with this kind of support. We call it the Parent2Parent support group and it is a comfortable space for parents of special needs children to share their experiences, listen to others, and grow together. Since the group was created two years ago, we experienced changes in the emotions, behavior, attitudes, and perspectives of all mothers who joined the network. We see anger turned into understanding, frustration transformed into a recognition of blessings, and smiles everywhere instead of tears. Watch the video and meet Anna, a mother of a young girl with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Listen to Anna describe her journey from despair to hope after joining the Parent2Parent support group where she found a listening ear after struggling with unanswered questions and fears for five years.

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