Is taking care of the environment a Christian duty?

Staff and students at LSESD have been challenged to think so during a theological and practical reflection on environmental stewardship last April.

The talk was inspired by a new initiative to implement a recycling program and reduce electrical waste at LSESD’s offices and seminary. Participants were provided with practical guidelines on how and where to recycle and were encouraged to adopt a green behaviour on campus and in everyday life. 

Although LSESD’s initiative is modest in a country struggling with environmental challenges and where environmental stewardship is not on the political agenda, we believe that everyone should play his part as small streams make big rivers.

“The idea is to move towards a cultural and a behavioural change on how we perceive, deal with and treat trash, and more generally the environment, in our communities and societies.” says LSESD Operations Manager Wissam Nasrallah.

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