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Dear partners and friends,

While our region was trying to catch its breath due to the trials it has been experiencing in the past few years ranging from economic turmoil and natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods to conflicts and civil unrest, we now find ourselves inexorably drawn into a never-ending cycle of strife and suffering.

Since the start of hostilities between Hamas and Israel, we have fervently prayed for a peaceful resolution to the escalating violence, hoping that Lebanon would not be dragged in this conflict. It is a conflict we neither seek nor desire, yet we have been unwillingly entangled in its web.

Tensions along our southern border have been steadily mounting since October 7, culminating in the dire events of October X. We are now confronted with a grave humanitarian crisis that compounds an already challenging humanitarian landscape with approximately 1.5 million Syrian refugees and 211,400 Palestinian refugees.

We have prepared ourselves as best as we can in the days leading up to this moment. Our Mansourieh Campus is already housing families with our facilities being rapidly filled to capacity while BBS has transformed its classrooms into dormitories.

Our staff is fully committed to contributing to relief efforts, but the magnitude of this crisis and the sheer volume of needs overwhelm us. We acknowledge the profound anguish that a lot of people find themselves in and hope we can offer a listening ear, comfort and renewed hope that God has not abandoned us.

Please pray for our team and for a peaceful resolution.

In Christ,

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