Sophie Nasrallah

Surely He is With Us Always

God knows it has gotten dark in Syria and Lebanon recently. And only God knows if it will still get darker, to what degree, and for how long. But one thing is sure: it will never get as dark as the day God’s only begotten Son died on the cross on our behalf. The story, by God’s grace, didn’t end there. God was victorious over death and darkness itself, and His light has been shining in the darkness ever since.

No matter how overwhelming the humanitarian needs have become in our region, we have witnessed numerous times God’s light shining in the life of the families we serve. Because Jesus rose from the dead, we can live today, no matter how dark, with hope. Because Jesus rose from the dead, we can keep our eyes fixed not on the challenges of today, but on the wonderful promise of eternal life to come. Until then and because Jesus rose from the dead, we are not alone in the darkness, but He walks with us in it, very much alive.

Surely He is with us always, “to the very end of the age.”

The story of young Rana is a vivid reminder of this truth.

Meet Rana

My name is Rana, I am from Syria. We came to Lebanon as soon as the war in Syria started. I was only 6 years old, so I was raised here and I barely remember anything about Syria. The few things I remember, I prefer not to talk about it.

Surely He is Always With Us - MERATH
I live with my parents, two brothers, and my youngest sister. I have a lot of responsibilities within the family, just like my mom. We do all the house chores together, especially since she’s had issues with her leg and has been struggling to walk. When she is too tired or when she is absent, I take over. That’s because I always felt as if my younger siblings were my own kids.

Our situation was very difficult, and we got introduced to the church. They quickly supported us with blankets, mattresses, and food assistance. Occasionally, they also give us milk and adult diapers for my older brother who has special needs. My youngest brother and sister have both been enrolled in the church’s learning center for several years now. It had such a big impact on them. They are learning very well and their personality changed for the better.

At first, we were only interested in receiving the assistance, but then I had a dream.

I was in a dark place and there was an unjust ruler. I heard him talk about a dead person in a coffin he wanted to get rid of. He threw the coffin from the top of a mountain. As it fell down, the coffin turned to salt. My mother and I went down and we saw the dead man come back to life. We saw Him as light and we started walking beside Him.

The dream was on Thursday and the very next day, on Good Friday, some people from the church visited us. When they told us about the death on the cross and the resurrection, my dream started to make sense. Ever since, I’ve been thirsty to know more about who Jesus is, and God worked in me and in my entire family. This was the strongest thing I ever experienced in my life. Thank God for everything.

There are always new trials, challenges, and struggles. Personally, when I have a problem I run to God before anyone else. I always pray for my family. No matter how bad the situation is, I feel that God is always handling it. He is always giving us what we need. Sometimes when we badly need something and we pray with faith, God sends it one way or another. He is a righteous God and He is always helping us.

*Names have been changed to protect the beneficiary’s identity.

How Does MERATH Work on the Ground?

MERATH empowers its 50 local churches and faith-based partners to be on the frontline while supporting them with most of the administrative and technical work, training them to respond to the needs with high standards, and offering psychosocial support to maintain their wellbeing.

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