Sana stands up on Easter Sunday and looks out onto her Sunday school students. She sends up a quick prayer of thanks for LSESD support which allows these classes to continue. LSESD has been providing weekly transportation and a hot meal for the 140 children assembled before her. But even with LSESD’s help, life in Syria has been anything but easy lately and talking about the hope of resurrection and the promise of new life is particularly difficult this morning.

As she scans the room, Sana’s eyes fall on six-year-old Yasmina*. One of nine siblings, her father had recently been killed by a wayward missile. Yasmina* also suffers from the skin disease vitiligo. Sana notices how shy this little girl is, and the way she hangs her head in shame. Inspired by Yasmina, Sana decides to remind her Sunday School class that Jesus accepts us just the way we are – we are made beautiful in His image and we find our worth by what He accomplished on the cross.

Sitting beside Yasmina is Rami*, who has never missed a Sunday School lesson. Sana remembers the time that a bullet hit his leg and how it had taken 10 stiches to stop the bleeding. Yet to everyone’s surprise, Rami made it to church the following Sunday right on time. Humbled by his faithfulness, she makes a point to remind the class that by Jesus’ wounds we are healed and by His sacrifice we are made whole again.

With a renewed spirit, Sana opens her mouth to speak. “Jesus spread His arms on the cross and welcomed everyone,” she tells them. He called out for the little children and here in this Sunday School class, braving the risk of snipers on the way, these kids are responding to Jesus’ call today. Every week, they risk their lives getting here, and yet they come with excitement coloring their little faces. What a great honor it is to minister to these precious little ones, thought Sana.

Join us in prayer for Sana and her Sunday School class. Pray too for LSESD’s work with all our partners in Syria who are serving vulnerable families in challenging circumstances. Pray that with the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a new dawn of peace is resurrected in Syria. Thank you.


*Names have been changed for the protection of these children’s identities.

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