Interview with Salam Koborsi, Production Officer at Dar Manhal al Hayat

When I first saw on TV the news about Ukraine, I thought it was a movie. I couldn’t believe it. When I understood it was for real, it affected me very deeply.

When I saw the videos of all these families fleeing with their children, it reminded me of what we went through during the Lebanese civil war and how much we suffered. I had flashbacks of my father and our family fleeing in our car. It made me cry a lot.

Another thing I couldn’t stand watching was the crowds of people in the airport, waiting to leave with very little, not knowing when or if when they will be able to go back to their homes. Their homes were where they had been living all their lives in peace and safety.

What makes it worse is that it all happened in the middle of a harsh winter. Here we have houses and blankets and yet we feel cold.

I can’t begin to imagine fleeing my home and being without warm clothes, without heating, without a roof. I feel especially for old people and young children. I wish I could do something and help more.

Though our situation in Lebanon is very tough and I am struggling, there are a lot of people whose situation is much worse than mine. As much as I can, I share what I receive with other people, even if it is not much. Our Lord tells us that if we give a glass of water to someone in His name, He will bless and reward it.

I’ve learned through the crisis in Lebanon that the Lord doesn’t want us to stockpile. He wants us to live day by day and rely on Him, on His provision. Just like when He sent the manna to His people in the desert and told them not to take anything more than what they needed for the day.

In the end, I am human, and I have some fears. I hear that the food and gas prices might increase even more because of what is happening in Ukraine. But when I look back, I realize that we have always relied on the Lord and that He has never let us down. Not a day did we go to bed hungry.

Not a day did we have to sleep without a roof over our heads. Some people don’t have a shelter. They must sleep outside, sleep on the ground, live in camps.

We pray that God will send forth spring and warmer weather to make it more bearable on families who are fleeing their country. Of course, we also pray that the war in Ukraine would be over quickly and not last as long as what we have known in our region.

We remain confident that the Lord holds everything in his hands, and we believe that He will take care of everyone – those who know Him and those who don’t. Finally, we pray that He will be glorified in the middle of what is happening.


The Ripple Effect From Ukraine

The aftermath is spreading globally, even causing shortages here in Lebanon and Syria. Read how MERATH is responding to the growing needs. 

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