This Too

Shall Pass

By May-Lee Melki

All they could do was pray

“You have taught us to pray when we don’t know what to do and need God to help us,” said a group of students to Mrs. Alice (Co-principal of academics at BBS). It had been a painful week for these high school students after hearing of the death of their math teacher, and all they could do was pray. This group of teenagers, who had been nurtured for years in Bible classes and chapel time, are now putting into practice their understanding of the power of prayer. Mrs. Alice recalls the struggle she went through to break the sad news to the students. What was God’s will in this? How would she tell them that after days of praying for a full recovery, He had answered their prayers differently? However, after she left the gathering where the students heard of the passing of their teacher, she spoke of the ways in which God was using this tragedy to work in their lives and bring them closer to Him. The realization that prayer is our only means of communicating with God in both the good and the bad times was a testimony that Mrs. Alice heard from the grieving students.

“Crisis unites us” goes the saying. I don’t know where you are reading this from, but the odds are that you are following the Coronavirus victim count just as much as we are in our small country. During the last five months, we witnessed Lebanese students find their voices amidst peaceful protests to dream of a better Lebanon to stay in. Now, after suddenly and unexpectedly losing one of their beloved teachers, students are at home on their second week of mandatory self-quarantine as requested by the governement until further notice as a result of the fast spread of the coronavirus in Lebanon. In addition, Lebanon has officially defaulted economically, further complicating an already difficult financial situation that has significantly escalated with unforeseen closures…but this too shall pass…

Sitting down with the school’s leadership has made it evident to me that the negative impact of the discontinuity of teaching on students, especially those with special needs, will require extra attention moving forward. Despite the teachers’ ability to continue teaching remotely through digital platforms, the challenges are greater now, but their dedication, creativity, and sacrifices are crucial for maintaining the integrity of the rest of the school year. This month, on the Lebanese Teachers’ Day (March 9), we celebrated all BBS teachers in prayer and thanksgiving for their diligent work and commitment to the next generation despite what may come. We are grateful for the role models they continue to be to their students and particularly for the ways in which they are all wisely handling these difficult days and teaching students to trust God throughout…but these difficult days too shall pass because He is Lord and sovereign over every detail of our lives.

Prayer requests:

Pray for BBS teachers & students:

1. That they will stay healthy
2. That teachers will be able to remotely guide students to stay on track academically
3. That students will have access to all the right materials and resources needed to study remotely and with no distractions.
4. That both will experience peace through losing a colleague/teacher and enduring difficulties
5. That students will continue to find comfort and answers by going to the Lord and seeking His will after losing their teacher

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