By Wissam Nasrallah

Chief Operations Officer

Last month, we prayed for God’s name to be Hallowed, to be made holy. Recognizing the awesome holiness of God should lead to a disposition of our hearts and minds that naturally creates in us a desire to see the manifestation of His Kingdom.

The good news is that this Kingdom has already been inaugurated with the incarnation of Jesus Christ. Therefore, in teaching us to pray the Lord’s prayer, Jesus is, in a sense, inviting us to be participants in the divine mission of spreading the reign of God. In other terms, by praying this prayer we are really asking God: “how can I be part of your plan to bring about your Kingdom? How can I make the invisible Kingdom visible?”

This is exciting, but also somewhat frightening when we come to think about it. What if God actually answers back and turns our life upside down?
After the emotional roller coaster comes the soothing and sobering reminder of His sovereignty over all things: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. Our role is to trust in His will no matter what may come.

Joining the mission of God is a perilous journey. We seldom come out unscathed. However, there is no greater joy or reward than the privilege to be in the service of the King of Kings and to be adopted into His family. Our mission is not simply to get to heaven when we die, but to be the agents of “heaven on earth”!

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