Alongside its locally written publications, Dar Manhal Al Hayat (DMAH) comb through all the Christian world’s publications with great precision, searching for the books that will carry the greatest impact on the people of the Middle East North Africa region today. They know that books can leave you with new perspectives and frequently form the foundation upon which our faith stands.

This is what Paula* experienced when she first fled to Lebanon from her war-torn town in Syria. A mother of four, she was forced to flee with her children, leaving her husband, home and farm behind, marching into the unknown. Overwhelmed by her new predicament and quickly falling into depression, she came across the book, “How to Handle Adversity” by Charles Stanley, translated several years ago by DMAH into Arabic, her native language. Tears glisten in her eyes as she recounts how God spoke to her through that book. The book talks about people suffering through all types of adversity, and how God carried them through. It re-minded her of his faithfulness and gave her the hope that he would pull her through.

Today, four years later, she works in a church situated in the Bekaa valley, where she helps refugees much like herself. Remembering how hard her experience was, she shares her wisdom and a copy of this book from the stack found behind her.

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*Name changed

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