Shopping is rarely an experience that touches your heart, but sometimes the service you receive can make you smile and think. That was the case for an Iraqi man and his wife who were visiting Beirut.

Walking through the city one Spring day, they came across LSESD’s The Gateway Bookshop and decided to go inside, not realising it is a Christian bookshop. As they were browsing, a conversation developed between them and the Gateway staff about the importance of introducing children to Bible stories. Marvelling at the various children’s resources scattered around the shop, they realized they had never seen such books before in their lives. As they excitedly purchased some Bible stories for their children, they also started to share with the Gateway staff why they were in Lebanon. Their daughter was very sick and was receiving treatment at a hospital in Beirut. The couple asked the staff to pray for their daughter and the wife gave the Gateway staff her mobile number to keep in touch. The Iraqis left the store smiling, encouraged, and thankful.

This is just one example of the calming and gracious environment many customers experience when visiting our Gateway Bookshop. They go in just to browse for books and ornaments, but end up chatting with our staff, finding a warm welcome and someone who is ready to listen and pray. Gateway has become a cherished place for many, encouraging and transforming lives through not only the resources we sell but more importantly, our readiness to listen with love to our customers.

Pray for staff at The Gateway Bookshop as they continue to serve and support regular customers and visitors who come into the shop each day.

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