Too often schools concentrate on students’ academic excellence and forget that they are entrusted with a holistic human being.

Fortunately, this wasn’t Elvira’s experience at LSESD’s Beirut Baptist School (BBS). When asked about the greatest lesson she learned there, she replies: “BBS truly taught us to be confident and imparted us with the responsibility to be the positive change our community needs.”

Elvira found her love for biology during the hands-on, experiment-rich science classes offered at BBS. The strong academic education she received there, gave her a good standing to continueand get both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in biology.

The effect of BBS on her life, however, runs much deeper. The social skills and values that were instilled in her during her school years have inspired her to serve others. Elvira volunteered in the Children Cancer Center during her undergrad years, and making a difference in this area, has become a passion. She is now a research assistant and hopes to get a PhD in cancer research.

Two years after leaving school, Elvira met her fiancé. It wasn’t a surprise to her when she found out that he too is a BBS graduate.The integrity and the kindness that BBS implants in its students were evident in his smile. “It is really a testament to the values they have instilled in both of us,” she says.

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