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‘Send’ a team to meet with ministry leaders in Lebanon and find out how God is moving through the Arab Church!

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Rosette Mansour

Are you curious about how God is working in the Middle East? Through a series of videos, devotions, themed activities, and interactive Zoom calls with local ministry leaders, your team will not only learn more about Lebanon and the Arab world, but you will see the miraculous ways God is working in and through your sisters and brothers in Christ in the MENA region. 

Through live interactive sessions, these trips provide a space of mutual learning, encouragement, and prayer as we seek to discover collaborative ways to participate in God’s redemptive activity in the world.


As a bonus, the daily themed activities allow your team to experience the culture and tastes of Lebanon from afar!

Practice writing “God is love” in Arabic script!

Learn how to make Tabbouleh from the pros!

“I cannot articulate how much this week has meant to me. I know that my eyes, my mind, and my heart have been opened more than I could have ever imagined. I am so grateful to you!”


-June, participant

“Accompanying the US team along this process of virtual Discoveries enhances the openness to be better neighbors, better Christ followers and to show the light of Jesus from everywhere to everyone.”


-Sandra, team leader


What a privilege to listen to someone speak passionately about her ‘beloved country’ and her work amongst young people with Special Needs. Determined ‘to be the smile’ for those at the margins she and her co-workers are a tremendous example of how the Christian life should be lived and a challenge to those like me who live in a cossetted world.

I was greatly encouraged to hear how the Lebanese churches had been moved from hatred to forgiveness, how churches have become a home/safety net for people… I was heartened to hear that they work not only with Baptists. It is great to see God’s global church in action.

What struck me most was the everpresent ‘trio of trials’ faced in recent days in Lebanon: the economic collapse, the covid crisis and the port explosion. These might seem to make Christian work and witness impossible to sustain, but instead we heard another story – one of hope, flexibility, vision and loving response to each trial as it came.

The 10- hour virtual tour spread over five days gave an excellent picture of the multifaceted work of LSESD… The creative way in which our Lebanese friends have contextualised the gospel in the Middle East and exalted the Lord Jesus Christ above mere Christianity is faith building.

How quickly we forget! Eight months after the Beirut explosion and things are manifestly worse. Yet how inspiring during pandemic with its consequent economic crisis in Lebanon, to hear about hope. Committed Christians who could leave yet are determined to stay, ‘living in their community the message preached on Sunday’.

One part of the work that touched my heart was the work of MERATH. Working with “hidden hands and loving hearts” behind the scenes equipping & enabling churches in Lebanon and Syria to reach out to the needy and lost both practically and spiritually! This was both touching and inspiring! Our natural instinct is to want the credit for ourselves but MERATH are totally content for the churches to be the only ones visible to those in need, so that God gets all the Glory! I applaud you MERATH!

Before my virtual trip to Lebanon with LSESD, I had never been on any kind of mission trip, and honestly didn’t really have a desire to go. I never would have guessed that a 5-day virtual vision trip would have impacted me as powerfully as it did.

Learning about Lebanon’s history, the needs of the individuals there, and what LSESD and their partnering organizations are doing to meet those needs was beyond inspiring. It was life-changing — perspective-altering.

Six months later, I have now completed an application to serve on an in-person mission trip. I hope to one day serve with LSESD. If you are at-all curious about mission work, or even if you aren’t, do yourself a favor and participate in a virtual vision trip with LSESD. You will not regret it!

Attending the Virtual Trip to Lebanon LSESD was truly a blessing to us. Seeing Christianity in action in an area that needs it so desperately much was inspiring. The multi faceted approach to outreach in Lebanon (and even further) was an awe inspiring experience. To have a witness to Jesus in that area is something others try to achieve in other areas of the world, and you already have it.

Liked the fun activities about Lebanese food, writing in Arabic and the movie showing a little bit of local flavor. Being a guy I must admit that movie brought a tear to my eye.

Thank you again for the whole thing, I encourage others to get on board and debark at Lebanon’s virtual airport.

Our virtual tour of LSESD was amazing! First of all, I had no idea of the outreach that LSESD had among everyone…students, refugees, churches, communities etc. What an impact on people’s lives in the midst of trouble. However, the most impacting thing that I took away from the tour was the smiles on EVERYONE’S faces! Children were laughing, staff were smiling, and volunteers, etc. were smiling! In the midst of tremendous turmoil, you see smiles all around! Only by the grace of God could these smiles be evident! There isn’t enough gas, money, groceries, medications, etc. to provide people with the resources they need to live. If you’ve seen the long lines for gas, I just can’t imagine the patience that is needed to wait! And then, not enough groceries to provide food for everyone. However, these people look to God for their sustenance and trust Him for their provisions.

LSESD staff were awesome in their presentations! There was so much to present, but so little time. Rosie was a great moderator and coordinator. (You also have to hear HER testimony!!)

The ideas that LSESD use to minister to everyone is incredible, especially during the pandemic…camp boxes, Easter boxes, etc. It amazes me how they are able to provide the number of boxes they do! That ministry involves the whole family!

What a privilege to get to know LSESD and Lebanon! May God continue to bless all involved and their work!

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