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Come visit Lebanon and experience all the beauty and wonder this country has to offer. See how the church is at work in the midst of challenging times.

Not Able to Travel?

That’s okay, come visit us online via the Virtual Vision Trip!

Why Visit Us?

Do you want your life changed? Do you want to experience God at work? Do you want to hear what the news doesn’t share about the Middle East? Come visit Lebanon and become an ambassador to THIMAR-LSESD, and we’ll grant you an experience like none other.

Hover over the boxes below to find out more reasons why you should come visit us here in Lebanon.


You’ll experience how the Church in the Middle East is responding to the needs of the community

Biblical References

You’ll know more about the land that was mentioned 75 times in the Bible.


You’ll hear testimonies of God at work in the midst of a region that is being shaped and reshaped by its various crises.

Jesus' Footsteps

You’ll walk on the land where Jesus walked and performed miracles


You’ll discover the true face of the Middle East that the media doesn’t show you.

Cedar Forest

You’ll see the Cedar forest where Solomon obtained the lumber to built the temple


You’ll visit historical sites; one of which is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world.


You’ll discover the renowned language and culture of poetry that define the Arab world.

Click here to read a poem by Lebanon’s Khalil Gibran.


You’ll get to taste one of the most famous and popular cusines in the world.

Here’s what you’ll see when you come on a vision trip.

  • THIMAR-LSESD Vision and Scope
  • Overview of THIMAR-LSESD Ministries
Salt and Light
  • Spiritual and recreational camps for vulnerable children
  • Mission Team opportunity:  Participate in a children’s camp
    Arab Baptist Theological Seminary - ABTS
    • Learn about the ministry of ABTS
    • Meet with ABTS faculty and leadership
    • Meet with our seminary students for a glimpse of their context, calling and vision for ministry
    • Visit ABTS graduates in their ministry contexts
    • Learn about peacemaking and different approaches to Islam and about Middle Eastern Realities
    • Attend the Middle East Consultation
    Dar Manhal Al Hayat - DMAH
    • Dar Manhal Al Hayat – a publisher of Christian resources for the Arab world

    • Hear about the different needs of churches, schools, seminaries, Church leaders and ordinary Christians for good Christian resources in Arabic

    • See some of the books we have published – from Study Bibles to books for young readers

    • Learn about our related activities to support the work of the church – training, evangelism and discipleship

    • Understand how you can continue to support us once you return home

    Beirut Baptist School - BBS
    • Education as a platform for Christian witness
    • Bible Education at BBS
    • Attend Chapel with BBS students
    Middle East Revive & Thrive – MERATH
    • Faces of Poverty in Lebanon, including LSESD’s humanitarian response to the Syria crisis
    • Field Visits to camps, churches, and educational centers
    Smart Kids with Individual Learning Differences - SKILD Center
    • Special Needs Education in Lebanon
    • Mission Team Opportunity for Special Educators: Summer Educational Program (4-6 weeks)
    Cultural Orientation
    • Visit historical sites in Lebanon
    • Visit local Churches
    • Visit the land where Jesus walked and performed miracles
    • Visit the Cedars where Solomon built his temple

    A Tiny Country Harbouring Great Beauty

    Although small, Lebanon is an exceptional country with a wealth of sights, culture, history, and experiences to offer. The Mediterranean Sea comprises Lebanon’s Western border, and it shares borders with Syria to the North and East and Palestine to the South. It is a small, mountainous country only 210 km (130.5 miles) long with a narrow coastal plain. There are two major mountain ranges cradling the rich and fertile Bakaa Valley in between.

    Discover the Beauty of Lebanon

    Explore Lebanon

    Click on the map below for more information about each location.


    Welcome to the Mediterranean! Along with the beauty of the sea, fresh breezes, and beautiful mountain views that means hot and humid summers and cold and wet winters.


    Lebanon gets 300 days of sunshine a year due to the long summers. Little to no rain occurs from April to September. During the summer the temperature ranges from 18° – 38°C (50°-100°F). Springtime sees an average temperature around 21°C (70°F).



    During these seasons the temperature ranges from 5°-15°C (45°-60°F). Although the winter temperatures may be warmer than you are used to Lebanese buildings are not built with insulation or heated to Western standards. If you are visiting during the winter it is strong suggested to bring warm clothes.

    Helpful Tips

    Electric Voltage and Plugs

    Lebanon uses 220V with two circular parallel prongs. We suggest you invest a few dollars in a converter so you can keep your electronics safely charged on the go here.


    Don’t forget to pack your passport and a photocopy, sun block, mosquito repellant, and any personal medications you take. If you forget any basic toiletry items they can easily be purchased here.


    Please do NOT drink the tap water. Bottled water is readily available and highly recommended during your stay here. Make sure you are drinking plenty of bottled water, especially in the summer when you don’t realize that you are sweating in the dry heat.


    Taxis and shared taxis (called service) are the main way to get around Beirut.

    Don’t worry too much about trying to hail your own cab though, we will handle your transportation while you’re in the country.



    Looking for a place to stay?

    Check out our guesthouse on campus. Staying at ABTS supports the ministry of the seminary. Special packaged hotel room rates at different price points are available upon request.


    View testimonials from previous visitors

    Want to know what other visitors have said about their time in Lebanon? Check out our testimonials page.

    Arabic Survival Phrases

    Worried about not knowing the language when you show up in Lebanon? Check out these survival Arabic phrases to get you started!



    Response to hello

    How are you? (M/F/Group)

    Fine (M/F/Group)

    What’s your name? (M/F/Group)


    Where are you from? (M/F/Group)

    I’m from the United States


    I don’t speak Arabic

    I want


    Pleased to meet you

    In Beirut

    I want to drink water


    I want to eat

    Good bye

    God willing





    How do we say?






    How much?

    What time is it?

    Is there?




    Keefak / Keefik / Keefkun?

    Mmniih / mmniiha / Mmneih

    Shu ismak / ismik / ismkun?


    Inta / Inti / Into min wein?

    Ana min America


    Ma behky Arabi




    Bi Beirut

    Baddi ishrab may


    Baddi eikol

    Yalla bye






    Kiif min uul?







    Addeish esseiah?





    Hello Marhaba
    Response to hello Ahlein
    How are you? (M/F/Group) Keefak / Keefik / Keefkun?
    Fine (M/F/Group) Mmniih / mmniiha / Mmneih
    What’s your name? (M/F/Group) Shu ismak / ismik / ismkun?
    Where? Wein?
    Where are you from? (M/F/Group) Inta / Inti / Into min wein?
    I’m from the United States Ana min America
    English? Ingliizeh?
    I don’t speak Arabic Ma behky Arabi
    I want Baddi
    Bathroom? hemmeim?
    Pleased to meet you Tsharrafna
    In Beirut Bi Beirut
    I want to drink water Baddi ishrab may
    Coffee Ahuweh
    I want to eat Baddi eikol
    Good bye Yalla bye
    God willing Nshallah
    Right Yamiin
    Left Shmeil
    Straight Doghreh
    Now Halla
    How do we say? Kiif min uul?
    Today Lyom
    Yesterday Embeireh
    Tomorrow Bukra
    Why? Leish?
    Who? Miin?
    How much? Addeish?
    What time is it? Addeish esseiah?
    Is there? Fii?

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