Who says you can’t raise support for refugee children while having fun along the way?

The Juniors children’s group from Hamilton Road Baptist Church in Bangor, Northern Ireland wanted to do something different to raise money for vulnerable children in Lebanon. Their idea? A sponsored bounce! For two hours the children, and some adults too, jumped on a bouncy castle, raising over 500 USD!

This amazing initiative will help finance children’s camps organized by the Baptist Children and Youth Ministry (BCYM). Camps where vulnerable children, many of whom have fled from the war in Syria, come to have fun, food and hear the message of hope and love that helps sustain them in the many challenges they face.

The sponsored jump is not the only way Juniors have supported BCYM in Lebanon. They have also sent cards and balloons to spread cheer to the children at the camps.

LSESD’s Operations Manager Wissam Nasrallah met with the Juniors’ youth leader when in Northern Ireland in December 2017. He expresses deep appreciation for their faithful and continuous support. “This is a fun and creative way to encourage the vulnerable children we are serving through the BCYM camps. Thanks very much Juniors!”

Have you raised money for LSESD ministries in a fun and interesting way? Let us know so we can share it with others! Email information@lsesd.org

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